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“How can people live above and beyond their budget when they don’t even have a budget? I guess as long as you have checks in the checkbook rest assured you must have money in the bank.” – NFC President/CEO Steve Nearman


It seems that most Americans do not have a budget for their finances. Our experience with clients since 1987 has proven that few people actually know how much money they spend each month or even how much they earn on a monthly basis.

We basically pay the bills and hope there is money left in the savings/checking accounts.

Budgeting is a process where one plans for upcoming income and expenses. It is not a strait-jacket, it is a guide. Budgeting helps us plan for critical future inflows and outflows of money and allows us to truly track where our money goes.

Realize that spending $5 a day every day of the year totals $1,825 in one year, and $18,250 in 10 years, not including interest and/or investment gain. This is not to say that you shouldn’t spend $5 per day eating out or buying designer coffee or whatever it is that you like to do on a daily basis, but just know that these things can and do add up and will take resources from your total assets, such as retirement monies.

We help our clients develop and analyze their budget, looking for ways to increase revenue and decrease expenses. While most people look to financial advisors to make them money, financial advisors should also help clients find ways to save money.

Our experience has shown that in all walks of life, when you develop and share your plan with another person, you tend to feel more accountable to adhering to the plan and succeeding with it.

Isn’t time for you to stop winging it and get a plan for success?

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