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The financial reality of life is that a disabled person could well be a much greater financial liability to himself/herself and his/her family than death.

Disability Insurance

What if we were to become disabled and couldn't do our job? How long can we go without earning a penny? Many companies automatically cover their employees for short-term and long-term disability, so you can receive a check for a portion of your salary while you are not working. But you may have to wait 30, 60, 90 or 180 days before that benefit kicks in and that benefit may not last forever and your disability might.

An insurance company with which we do business recently listed more than 100 causes of disabilities, most we have never even heard of. The company also reported that at all adult ages, sickness causes more long-term disabilities than accidents. In fact, between ages 30 and 50, 65% of all disabilities are due to sickness, according to the Society of Actuaries. Most people would name heart attack, stroke or cancer as the likely sicknesses to cause a disability, but there are so many more. And once you get one, getting insurance at that point is impossible or extremely expensive.

In determining disability insurance, the factors that are taken into account - whether it is an individual or a group - include your age and sex, your annual income, the type of job you have, how long a period you are willing to wait to receive benefits and how long those benefits will last. Other issues include: do you want to cover partial disability or total disability, and do you want an inflation rider. These are all issues that Nearman Financial Consulting takes into account when helping you decide whether you need disability insurance and how best to secure it.

Again, a company can secure disability - in most cases - for a lot less cost than if each of its individual employees applies separately. It makes sense, then, that if the company is not interested in paying for the benefit for all of its employees, that it asks the employees if they would like the coverage, then have the employees pay for it.

This also is true for long-term care insurance.

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